Rapid support for your grantwriting needs

Rapid support for your grantwriting needs


Grantwriting support

Use one of our 3,000+ PhD subject matter experts to rapidly write drafts of grants that you can perfect.

COllaborate in real-time

Work with your postdocs, students, collaborators and fund managers all in one place, through real-time writing/editing/commenting and chat.

saved to the cloud

Never worry about lost files, folders, and backups on hard drives, or paying extra for cloud storage.

document organization

Avoid multiple emails with attachments between your collaborators, students, postdocs, your fund manager, and grants office.


You want the most affordable, scalable, high-quality solution to manage your grants.You’re in the right place!



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Frequently asked questions

Glad you asked! You can find out more about us here. We’ve been helping university spin-off companies and other startups apply for SBIR and STTR-type grants since 2019, with double the national average win-rates. Our PhD-founding team hails from universities like UC San Diego, The Scripps Research Institute, and University of Cambridge. You can read about their prior research here and here. We also have a giant arsenal of PhD-level grant writers, who routinely write grants and peer-reviewed research manuscripts. You’re in good hands!

We are a proposal preparation tool designed for the investigators, as opposed to other grant management solutions that serve the office of grants and fund administrators. The output from our software is meant to be used on systems like Cayuse. Fund managers and admins of the investiators should be added as collaborators on TurboGrant, where they can access any document at any time in the right format and communicate with you about any of the materials, all from one place!

Think of it like Google Docs laid alongside the solicitation requirements for each grant type.

Our search tool houses all Federal grants. We can help with all grant types. Some of them, like NIH R21s are also available as specific workflows and we can build similar workflows for other grant types, such as NIH R01, R21 and NSF RAPID, EAGER solicitations. Our tool is quickly customizable and our team is really flexible to help you with any other Federal grant that you find on our system or elsewhere (for no added cost). Please inquire with us for further information.

You can refer to the FAQ ‘What if I need more grants in any month?’

On the Super Applicant plan, you can request 1 grant draft to be written for you every month for no extra cost. When you sign up for this plan, we will have a consult call with you to understand your area of work, so that we can allocate the most appropriate grant writer for your area of expertise. From that point onward, he/she will work collaboratievly with you on the app to write out your drafts every month. Note that the writer will mainly work on text (based on your prior proposal/research content), but not heavily on graphics/figures. Please reach out to us if you have custom needs for figure creation, as we have resources to help you.

You can definitely purchase grant writer add-on packages at any time. Each add-on package is $1,000 for one draft and $5,000 for unlimited revisions. The $5,000 package also includes detailed reference list creation and significant intellectual inputs if these are of interest.

Great! We would love to submit as many grants as possible. Please contact us for our premium fully-loaded pricing, wherein we will allocate full-time resources for your account. This will be like hiring a dedicated grant writer postdoc!

While we can’t roll grantwriter credits over, if you don’t use the grant writer engagement feature for 3+ months, then we will be happy to consider a 1-month refund of the difference between the Super Applicant and Applicant Plan subscriptions. Please contact us in this scenario.

Have more questions? Contact Us at Info@OmniSync.io, or use the chat bubble on the bottom-right of this page.